Mystic Clue review: The Bat

Mystic Clue Escape Room logoIn brief

Location: Cannington, Perth
Date played: 30 December 2014
Players: 3 (Mystic Clue recommends 3-10)
Hints: Unlimited via walkie-talkie (we used two hints)
Escaped: Yes!

Our rating: Review 3 locks
Has ‘wow’ factor but seriously rough around the edges.

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TRAPT Bar and Escape Rooms review: Wonderland

Trapt logoIn brief

Location: Melbourne CBD
Date played: 10 Jan 2015
Players: 2 (4-6 recommended)
Hints: Unlimited
Escaped: Yes! (but took a little longer than the time limit)

Our rating: Review 4 locks
Fun room with good challenges and brilliant service.

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Escape Room Australia review: Safari Jungle

In brief

Location: Melbourne CBD
Date played: 2 November 2014
Players: 2 (2-8 recommended)
Hints: Maximum of 3 (and we used them all)
Escaped: Not even close!

Overall rating: Review 3 locks
Exotic jungle theme let down by nearly-impossible puzzles.

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